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Tradition and progress are combined - because things should be done better. 


Smoking food originally has been used to give meat a longer durability. Nowadays the method is more used to give the product the taste that we appreciate. It has been shown that smoked products - like other pleasures - have a disadvantage. The smoke contains substances, which could be harmful to the health.

That is the reason why, authorities have defined limits regarding harmfull substances in smoked products.

We have done somthing about it. A patented method ensures that the content of harmful substances are reduced to almost nothing without loosing the delicate taste. Read more about the patent here:

                                                                                       Royal Smoke ApS  - supplier of technology and purified smoke. 

SoftSmoked  salmon is silky and delicious. Everybody loves it. The production method is completely safe and the quality of the product is the same each time. 

SoftSmoked salmon is rich of Omega-3 fish oil which good to your health.  It is dry salted respecting the delicate fish meat.